Monday, March 8, 2010

Hotels Port Dickson: Thistle Port Dickson Facilities for Kids

Kids who visit Thistle Port Dickson will have a blast, with all the facilities in store for them.

There are 2 water slides for them to play at the pool area.

There is a kids playing room at the lower ground floor of the Thistle Port Dickson.

There is also a mini playground and hop scotch area next to the pool side for kids to play at.


 Another unique feature at the Thistle PD hotel is the movie room.
Bean bags are thrown on the carpeted floor for you and your kids to snuggle on, and enjoy the movies that are projected against the wall.

So, what you waiting for?
Bring your kids for a weekend escapade at the Thistle Port Dickson.
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Hotels Port Dickson: Facilities at Thistle PD Hotel

Thistle Port Dickson has a variety of facilities for the convenience of its guests.

The Leaf convenience store offers a variety of products for those looking for souvenirs and snacks.  Its located just next to the reading room / library.

The reading room / library is just next to Glass cafe.  Plenty of seating area and newspapers/magazines for you to read here.



For the business travelers, there is a business center right next to the lobby area of Thistle Port Dickson.  Those who need to access the internet can do so at the computers in the room.  Wifi is also provided at lobby area of Thistle Port Dickson.


Sunday, March 7, 2010

Hotels Port Dickson: Swimming pools at Thistle Port Dickson Hotel

When choosing hotels Port Dickson, one of the selection criteria should be availability of swimming pools, as many parts of the beaches in Port Dickson is no longer clean.
Therefore, Thistle Port Dickson is one top choice of Hotels Port Dickson as it has not 1 but 3 pools.
There are a variety of facilities offered at Thistle Port Dickson for both kids and adults.

The main pool for both adult and children is free-form style and open from 7.30am.

The kids pool comes with slides.

And the best addition to this resort is the adult only pool at the Cumulus.  A small infinity lap pool with plenty of deck chairs at the side for sun bathers.


Saturday, March 6, 2010

Hotels Port Dickson: Thistle Port Dickson Cumulus

Cumulus is one of the hidden gem at Thistle Port Dickson.  

Why?  Coz its an adult only section.  It even have its own paved walkway and covered with short trees to block from prying eyes.  
 The infinity lap pool is only for adult and open from 10.30am.  No fighting with big crowd and noisy kids.

There are cabanas for you to relax and lounge around next to the pool area and beach area.

There is a bar and lounge area for those who want to chill.



There are even small huts for those wanting a private massage (or maybe for a quick make out session?) 


Cumulus is a must experience area for all visitors to Thistle Port Dickson.
So why not bring your loved one for a quick weekend getaway, and enjoy the lovely Cumulus.

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Hotels Port Dickson: Thistle Port Dickson Glass

One of the newest hotels port dickson  has is the Thistle Port Dickson.
There are various types dining outlets and food offered at Thistle Port Dickson.  The main coffee house at the hotel is known as Glass.

Buffet breakfast is served at Glass cafe.  There are different counters for hot meals, fruits, bread, cereal, drinks.

The Glass cafe has a variety of seating area, to cater for adults and kids.

So remember to include breakfast when booking your stay at Thistle Port Dickson, so you can experience the ambience and food at the Glass.

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Friday, March 5, 2010

Thistle Port Dickson not Thistle Guoman

The former Guoman Port Dickson Hotel has been renamed.
It's not known as thistle guoman.
Instead its now known as Thistle Port Dickson Hotel.
Thistle Port Dickson Hotel is part of Guoman Hotel Management (UK) Limited.

It has been officially opened for more than 200 days by the Malaysia Tourism Minister, as captured in the wall clock below.